Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is back to her ‘original’ white colour. The bootylicious socialite trended for the better part of last week after she shared a series of videos ‘rocking’ a new skin colour.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika after changing to a darker complexion



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In an interview with Amina Abdi on THe Trend, Vera Sidika said her change of colour ‘was just a personal decision. I wanted to change.’

Personally, I feel like my body is my business. When the whole thing started a few years ago and it’s been five years. It ‘s been an amazing journey and personally, I felt I just wanted toexperience something different,’ she said.

Word has been going round that Vera is broke and couldn’t maintain her expensive life hence the reason she changed back to black.

I feel like I got to a point where I just wanted to be me. Some people say ‘ooh she’s broke she can’t afford to maintain herself’ but that’s not the case because I HAVE businesses running so I’m good.


I don’t go for treatments. It was a one-off thing. So those saying I’m broke I don’t know what they mean. They think I get to do this [go for treatment] every single day. Personally, I just feel amazing. I look beautiful right. someone told me I look like a doll, black barbie.

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She continued;

Changing your skin is a process. People were shocked asking how that was possible in four days. I post photos late and do things on the lowkey to confuse people a little bit. It’s good to confuse your enemies. It doesn’t change who I am from the inside.

Sidika said after posting the ‘black skin tone’ photo a section of her fans trolled her, telling her to go back to her ‘original’ white colour.

Everybody was like, you look bad. We want your light-skin back. I’m thinking you say that I’m fake, plastic and Nema is looking for me when I was lightskin. Why are you saying that I go back yo light color? For me, I felt it was a social experiment because when I did this, i was like ‘ooh so this is what you think about me?’ There are people who’re actually embracing it and others just being hateful.

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But Vera, fooled us. She was applying spray tan and promoting her new song Mimi.

Vera Sidika
Bootylicious Kenyan socialite with her alleged boyfriend

The socialite-cum-businesswoman shared photos and videos hanging out with a new man believed to be her lover.

She’s light-skinned, and not dark-skinned as she appeared on TV two days ago.

Her fans are confused on what’s going on and some have called her out for chasing clout with her cheap publicity stunts. Reactions include;

willisraburu Issa TBT or Restore factory settings? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

iam_tonny Our beloved Chameleon, rainbow 🌈, wa maragi is back

jackie.okoth_k We pia Sasa umetuchosha..Uko na color gani🤣🤣🤣

maga_model Ni simu yangu ndo inabadilisha rangi ya vera ama ni vera anacomouflauge to the nearest environment

_iddriss Listen here, don’t play with us like that 😂😂😂 you can’t be camouflaging the way you want. Are we a joke to you?

keaganmakonda Vee si uambie to mungu akupe udongo ujiumbe tu aki 😂

kat_maliks sasa yupi wewe? Tuko confused, umerudi mweupe tena?😭😭kuwa unaandika “throwback “ukipost pics tujue 😂😂❤️

nkechiblessingsunday Did u switch back to white?

_lee_gang You have renewed the light skin subscription I see😂😂😂😍🥵

lamsey500 May God confuse your enemies the way Vera sidika is confusing us😂😂😂

juliet_nyambu 😥shikwekwe rangi yako Ni gani???

j.ust__f.aiza In darkness and in lightness he said! A true King👑😂🔥 Protect him at all costs😭

keaganmakonda That guy issa snack. 😋😋 Hope si toothpick

elijahkaytoh I knew it 😂😂😂😂😂😂Vera u were fooling us

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