Sarah Wairimu

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta who is representing the Cohen’s has asked the court to deny Sarah Wairimu bail. Wairimu is detained in connection to Tob Cohen’s murder.

Ombeta¬†argued that Cohen’s siblings are opposed to her release on bail,

Tob Cohen is dead and he did not enjoy his rights.

Even though she says she is innocent the family sees her as the culprit.

The accused should wait for investigations to end before they claim that there is no evidence.

Tob Cohen failed to rise to the occasion during Pekejeng- Sarah Cohen

Tob Cohen and Sarah Cohen-mpasho
Tob Cohen and Sarah Cohen

Meanwhile, Ombeta says that Sarah needs to tell the court where she will be staying once released.

As of now we don’t know where she will go if released because her home is a crime scene.

Ombeta added,

She is better off in custody.

Both Wairimu and Murgor have spoken with witnesses and coached witnesses.

Both of them are now dangerous. How do we trust these people. The kind of death meted on Cohen was gruesome.

Wairimu Cohen and her lawyer Philip Murgor in court

Peter Karanja to be charged alongside Sarah Wairimu Cohen

Ombtta added that his clients the Cohens’ might be in danger if Wairimu is released on bail.

‘My clients lives are in danger if she is released even though they are abroad they may be coming to testify and need to be safe

Anything said about the will has only been in the papers

For her to stay in that house with a body buried in her compound what speaks of her then she is a dangerous person.’

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