Woman crying

Coconut is the current sex position every Kenyan woman is trying, at least to make their partners happy.

One Charlotte Wairimu has blamed the person who introduced the style, claiming it’s a scam.

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Wairimu has narrated how things went wrong when she tried the coconut style with her husband.

She explained how everything was going well from the start but after some time, things went horribly wrong and she received slaps from her hubby.

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She wrote,

Whoever said we draw COCONUT when the woman is on top, how do you want thunder? Roasted, boiled or grilled? My cheeks are smarting from heavy blows from my hubby after I tried that shit and it backfired on me.

I did the C perfectly, then the O and he moaned in pure ecstasy. I repeated the other CO and he moaned louder. Come to the NI found the dick in my rear hole and I’m a virgin there. My husband was shocked. He is the old fashioned conservative. He slapped me several times and asked me where I got the idea of anal sex. I’ve never received such a beating in my life.

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