JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia
JB and Tina Kaggia in the past

Stand up comedian and actor JB Masanduku, whose real name is Nathan Kimani is back on the Churchill show.

JB Masanduku has been keeping a low profile and during an interview behind the scenes of Churchill Show, he said.

I missed the stage and I’m glad Churchill brought me back.


My heart beats for the stage. It’s not easy to be out of the game for a while because fans forget you.

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The father of two said he is currently running a car hire and real estate businesses. Masanduku, a multi-talented actor also revealed that he ‘isn’t perfect.’

back when I was starting out in the comedy industry I would vomit before I perform because of the tension. But nowadays I’ve improved. I don’t eat on the day I know I’m going to perform.

Masanduku was married to media personality Tina Kaggia and they had two children but in 2013 parted ways. Talking about his love life, he said,

We divorced officially. Divorce is always ugly but I thank God she was mature about it. 

JB Masanduku, an A student who attended the prestigious Alliance High School has moved on and is currently in love with another woman, Jackie.

JB Masanduku and his fiancee
JB Masanduku and his fiancee

The couple is set to tie the knot in November this year.

Tina and JB are co-parenting and he admitted that it isn’t easy.

It’s a tough process, I won’t lie. I guess it’s probably the reason I came back to comedy to help me heal,’ he said.

JB, who studied Civil Engineering in Russia revealed that he was going to radio soon but didn’t disclose the details.

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