Babu Owino
Babu Owino

City lawyer Cliff Ombetta has said that the incident of his client Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino shooting Club B’ in-house DeeJay is regrettable.

Speaking to the press at Kilimani Police station, Ombetta said,

‘Babu Owino was brought here after an incident that happened at B Club.

We cannot say much because the investigations are still ongoing and we do not want to curtail them.

Photos of DJ who was shot on the neck by Babu Owino at B Club

According to the news we are receiving . The victim is still in hospital and he is in a stable position

In as much as people are talking like there is a murder there is nothing like that at the moment.’

Ombetta added,

‘You can remember on 17th November 2019 he had reported that his life was in danger since then he has been very anxious.

Changing his security changing road and that feeling of fear for his life has been hanging over him.’

‘Babu Owino’s security dragged me out of B Club hours before the shooting,’ Kelvin Okweri narrates

On what happened, he added,

‘From what I am getting a person whom he eventually realized is his friend approached him in a way that Babu was not expecting and so he reacted.

During that reaction is when eventually somebody was shot.

So there was never an intention to commit an offence.

And that is why he wants the matter to be investigated to the end.’

Ombetta added,

‘The investigations are ongoing, Babu is the one who took the DJ to the hospital.

It’s the club’s car that transported him but it’s Babu who carried him to the car and paid the bill and he is still doing so. It’s very regrettable.’

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