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Hello women, do you give your man fellatio? If yes, can you share a toothbrush with him?

Well, an angry city woman has exposed her boyfriend for being unhygienic. According to this woman, whenever her boyfriend visits her place, he cleans his d**k using a small basin she uses to brush her teeth every morning.

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She says she’s tired of his behaviour and since the last time she confronted him, he has neither called her nor visited her again. She wrote:

My relationship is about to come to an end. 
Is it right for a guy to wash his d**k in the washing hand basin that is in the toilet for brushing teeth
Every time my boyfriend comes to my house after sex he will go to the bathroom to clean his d**k using the basin and this irritates me. Each time I brush my teeth I throw up when I remember. I confronted him and told him to stop and he got mad. He left my house and he has not called me for 4 days now. How funny he does this in his House too but I feel it’s not right. If I may ask, where is a guy supposed to wash /clean his d**k after sex if he does not want to take a bath?

Guys do you think this gentleman is doing the right thing?

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Check out reactions from social media users:

Felixnature: but you can give him bj without washing it right? Nothing is wrong

Moi: Apparently….. That is the best place to wash of. If he was gonna have a total shower, den its fine…. I bet u wash ur panties in that same basin…. Biko calm down.

Omar_prisca: Babe, I don’t think this guy really cares about you… If he can’t compromise for you in your own house… Let him go…

Realvivacious: He is a dirty guy

Eeybhuqar_kool: He is supposed to wash it inside your mouth

Reina: Dear poster, few quick questions. Do u suck dick? Do u vomit or throw up when u suck? If the ans to both is yes then why are u giving this poor man hard time about where he washes his dick?

Tinto: Come to think of it, you don’t throw up when he plugs it in so why throw up when he washes in the washing sink

Debbydorms: So you are able to give him bj and have sex with him but take offense with him washing his d**k after sex in the sink. My sister stop being a hypocrite mtchewww