The #ShebeshChallenge – a trend inspired by Nairobi Women Rep’ Rachel Shebesh – is the latest craze in Kenya.

Over the weekend, Shebesh borrowed a leaf from the Safaricom customer care attendant who trended for the better part of last week after being photographed kneeling to assist a disabled man at a store in Nakuru.

Pauline Shamola Muganda received praised for her selfless act service to William Kisumo – a beggar. She also had an opportunity to meet her boss Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore and took some photos with the latter.

Shebesh decided to ‘copy paste’ Shamola’s kind gesture on Saturday, October 29 after she shared some photos showing her kneeling on a street in and talking to a disabled man.

Her actions irked a section of Kenyans who labeled her a ‘hypocrite’ for engaging in useless PR stunts to seek political mileage.

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Others like Classic 105 host Nick Odhiambo have decided to make light of the moment and have embarked on the #ShebeshChallenge or #SafaricomLadyChallenge if you like.

All it entails is looking for a destitute, or rather a person who looks destitute then you kneel next to them like you are really helping them and viola!

Here are some photos:

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