Behind closed doors is where the real drama is. Wachana na soap operas. A city woman has shocked many after revealing details of her marriage.

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The woman who is married with children took to social media to ask for advice. Her revelations got many people talking about her story and none could decide how to help her.

“My husband is in police cell as I type this message, they said a little girl was found in his hotel room drugged almost to death. I don’t know the story but it involves rape and girls. But for all I know my husband came home by 6pm on Thursday telling me he had an emergency in Benin,I begged him not to go that it is very late to drive to Benin but he refused, I even pleaded with him to hold so he could help me and drop the children at school since I had my exam the next day and I had to drive up to 4 hours to my school,but he refused, when I was trying to get into and argument with him, he slapped me and picked up his suit case.”

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The woman continued,

“And suddenly I get a call from the police and his relative that I should go bail him. I have not replied anybody for 3 days now, I put off my phone. Bom people do you all think I should go to the cell to bail this man out? Won’t I be a big fool for doing that? At this point I hate him so much but I don’t want to take any decision in anger I just want to calm down . Please all your suggestions will go a long way to helping me stand on a decision. Thank you all.”

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