A Kenyan man was left with egg on the face after his bae hired goons to throw him out of her house, only allowing him pick a few things.
According to a social media user identified as Gordon Opiyo, Zack was thrown out for allegedly bragged about having an entanglement with a friends spouse.
Taking to his social media Gordon posted,

‘My brother from Alego, Zack Opondo, has once again been kicked out from marriage.

Today, he was kicked out from one of the leafy suburbs hours after he posted screenshots that he had eaten one of his friends……

Unfortunately for him, he was being kept, being fed and being housed. His only job was to provide Mjulubeng…

Gentlemen, let me tell you. Afadhali you go back home in Alego, and look for Dwela and Monye from Lake Kanyaboli than to stay kwa Sirikal Ya Bibi.’

Further adding,

‘Look at this son of Alego being kicked out. Mpaka the clothes that were bought for him, are remaining.

Anatoka tu na Jwala ya 20 Bob. Una rudi Kayole Kutafuta rafiki anaishi kwa Nyumba ya Mabati.

Why? Because ume kosana na Mwanamke. Kila kitu she bought for you remains. Ata inner wear.’

In conclusion, Gordon added,

‘Wrath ya Mwanamke cannot be compared to anything in this world. That is why the worst Hurricanes are named after Women.
Pole kwa Sakaria Woud Alego……
But remember, next time, never boast online that you have eaten….. Kama ni Mwanamke anakulisha.’

Check out the video below

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