Depressed. photo credit: doctor murray

A Kenyan man has been left in a dilemma after realizing the woman he has been showcasing his bedroom skills to is married.

The worst part is that she is married and has no plans of leaving the hubby.

Before they started dating, the woman lied that she was single. His situation has been best highlighted in Bensoul’s song ‘Nairobi.’

Partly the song the lyrics read,

‘Yule anakupea, pia ananipea.

Akikuletea, ananiletea.

Wanakula fare.

Sote tunashare.’

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This he shared on the Morning show on Classic 105.

*Ken now says he is in a dilemma.

‘I impregnated someone’s wife and she lied to me that she is single. Only later to confess to me that she wanted to have a kid outside their marriage and I should keep it a secret and leave her alone, I’m tempted to confront the husband… nimwambie?’

*Njoro shares,

‘So far I have six kids nikiongeza na wale wangu wawili wenyewe wanajulikana. Nataka wafike 12 kama disciples wa Yesu.’

*Jane also shared that she has also sired two kids with another man after her husband cheated on her.

‘I have two kids from an extra marital affair I had, they are comfort babies.

My husband cheated and I decided to do it too, tit for tat is a fair game. Akileta ninaleta pia.’

Would you tell your spouse the kids you have aren’t his?

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