lulu hassan

She is known as the good girl of TV. But has she gone gangster? Lulu Hassan has apparently decided not to pay a young man who did some work for her TV show production company.

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Yaani, Lulu Hassan even pretended like she did not know who the poor hustler was. Okay, okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.

In today’s Nairobian, a scriptwriter called Denis Maina claims that he wrote 18 full episodes of Moyo, a TV show on Citizen. And he was not paid for his hard work.

The newspaper reports that a week after he emailed Lulu Hassan and Ibrahim Chitayi – head writer of Jiffy Pictures, his scripts, they both went mum. This was after they told Dennis his script was of “poor quality”.

He is apparently owed Sh 127,500.

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Denis told Nairobian,

“I consulted a lawyer who sent a demand letter to the company, but one which they never responded to. In fact, Lulu called me claiming she had no idea who I was. She told me not to involve her in my ‘problems’ with Ibrahim. Remember that her company, Jiffy Pictures cleared my hotel bill, and the scripts forwarded to her and my full name.”

Lulu Hassan did not deny that her company paid for his hotel during the script writing period. She, however, refused to address the issue of money saying hajui huyo mboyz.

“Wewe andika chenye unataka kuandika,” she told the reporter over a phone interview.

When contacted by Mpasho for comment, her phone was off. We have sent her a text message and Whatsapp. We will wait to hear what her comment is on the issue.

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