Losing a loved one is very depressing. They always leave a gap no one can fill. Even if many years pass, you will still remember them and that’s the case with Citizen TV’s Kambua. The celebrated gospel singer and TV host, who is currently giving her counterparts a run for their money, earlier today took to social media to “mourn” or rather remember her late dad in a moving tribute.

Kambua, penned down an emotional tribute to the late Mr Manundu, who passed away in 2014. Here is what she wrote;

“2 years ago today, my world changed forever. You were gone…never to come back. I’ve tried daddy, to be strong and courageous, just like you taught me to. But everyday I think of you and my heart breaks all over again ?. I learned so much from you, but you never taught me how to live without you…?. But God, He has carried me. I hope in the timeless world you see me, and I make you proud. I hope to one day hold your hand again, sing songs ?, and laugh, like we used to, on that side of heaven. Rest in power my daddy, my king.”

She accompanied her heart felt message with the photo below

Kambua_DadTutaonana baadae.