Annabel Onyango and Carol Odero are at the tail end of angry Meghan Markle fans. This comes after their utterances on the Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch segment.

Annabel trashed Meghan’s wedding dress saying:

“I expected a little bit more…given all the wait and anticipation. I thought it was a bit baggy. These things need to be perfect but this wasn’t.”

Well, here is a little background on Meghan’s dress.

“Ms. Meghan Markle’s wedding dress has been designed by the acclaimed British designer, Clare Waight Keller,” Kensington Palace said of the royal wedding dress in a press release.

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Waight Keller, who became the first female Artistic Director at the historic French fashion house Givenchy, was chosen by Markle to design the royal wedding dress because of Waight Keller “timeless and elegant aesthetic, impeccable tailoring, and relaxed demeanour.”

In addition to the aesthetic royal wedding dress choices, Meghan “wanted to highlight the success of a leading British talent who has now served as the creative head of three globally influential fashion houses – Pringle of Scotland, Chloé, and now Givenchy.”

“The focus of the dress is the graphic open bateau neckline that gracefully frames the shoulders and emphasises the slender sculpted waist,” the royal wedding dress release said.

“The lines of the dress extend towards the back where the train flows in soft round folds cushioned by an underskirt in triple silk organza. The slim three-quarter sleeves add a note of refined modernity.”

The silk and organza wedding veil took hundreds of hours of sewing, and workers had to wash their hands every 30 minutes to keep the tulle and threads pristine, according to the release about Meghan’s royal wedding dress.

Connie Aluoch, Vincent Ochieng and Carol Odero

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On the Citizen show, Carole Odero also commented on Meghan’s gown and make up.

She said, “I expected it to be more princess like. It should have been more- The make up was also not outstanding.”

A fan pointed out that Meghan was gorgeous and that the two should read her story where she “went to an audition all made up and was told to remove the make up and fake hair and just be her. Defining moment in her life. She is a natural beauty.”

Here are more angry comments from viewers who watched the fashion commentary on Citizen TV.

Sammy Ondimu Ngare: Madam Makeup..see is not all about makeups..You expected to see mtu amejaa macocos kwa uso,na gown inatoka mombasa hadi Nairobi? that was the best wedding..hizo unataka za makeup wacha tuzifanyie hapa kenya..You marry someone akiwa na makeup anakaa beyonce akitoka bafu asubuhi unatoroka cos anakaa opp leader wa Uganda..Nimeenda kidogo.

Eddie Mbugua: When Kanye West stated colonialism [mental] was a choice, there was bedlam. Neo colonialism has morphed to entertainment and when one cannot dissociate fiction from reality, they are deemed psychotic.

Lizz Njagah: Dont dish it if you cant take it…

Marilynn Wafula: The way carol is dressed reminds me of the women who act as keepers of the shrine in naija movies. Those shrine women who have their altars by the rivers…

Antony Kamau Maina: Wacha hizo, her wedding was worth millions of pounds yet oozed simplicity yet here people can’t let us breath in peace with wedding committees to finance your “princess” gown and cheap make up!

Lucky Isaac: Look who is talking, you have stretch marks and pimples the size of akothees butt everywhere, you think Meghans skin is like yours

Purity Migwi: The wedding was just perfect. No dramas ati oh bwana harusi dance mara bibi harusi anajificha anatafutwa and uncountable maids. Wth

Willis Ogutu: Carole, God created you well but the devil is using you to confuse innocent, good looking Kenyan ladies. You should be arrested for “Malicious Distraction”.

Ricky Sleek: Chisos!🙆 This fashonistas will finish us!! Panel ya kucritisize a complete stranger ishatengezwa tayari na ata hamjulikani kama mnaexist😂😂😂 classic tale of pot calling kettle black.

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Jacintah Mutindi: Carole, you need to relax. Eti makeup was not outstanding???? You wear makeup daily what is outstanding about yourself? Who lied to you that makeup makes anyone any better looking? Be humble n learn mwanamke.

Sistake Karis Mpenda Doba: So you wanted her to walk half naked or what,remember she was getting married to a royal family and not a club bouncer …Mscheeeeeeeew

Michael John Wakere: First of all Carole, you need to stop with the ‘pussycat ‘ hairstyle, that’s for 5 year olds who don’t even know about hair yet. Out here looking like a Nigerian witch doctor. It’s not Meagan’s job to make you happy on her wedding day. Make yourself happy on your own wedding day. Sit down!!

meghan wedding dressLaureen Dollie: What are you talking about? Like seriously? Princess-like does not mean EXTRA!!! Get it into your head!! I bet you expected a whole bottle of foundation on her face and contour sharper than a chefs knife… she was perfect, her make up was perfect and she is a princess now. Gtfoh with your red hair pussy cat style. Girl bye 👋🏿 😂.

Sharon Migariza: If Carole understood the history of Meghan she will not think in that direction,Meghan is a philanthropist,and an activist ,not a slay queen or wanna be. Meghan is beautiful and her personality is admirable and outstanding!

Antony Trivet: Simplicity is the key here… #TeamNatural. No surprise in the morning after the wedding. And the gown can be used later as a dinner dress… No time to waste monies ooooh

Robert Bogaza: Some ladies are fond of bleaching ,face painting,wearing artificial weaves, wearing mini apparel s,walking on high stilettos ,they are now surprised with Prince marrying a lady who hasn’t have the above….
Natural beauty is more awesome.

Caroline Kathure: Carole Odera why,! You should be talking about the Kenyan,”self branded” celebrities” who flocked Windsor to watch the same event that was aired on all national tv’s at a cost of1m,I doubt they paid,or were services providers. Don’t brain wash us further, we are tired of Kenyan weddings where make up,dressing half naked, kukaza matako na kwenda kwa altar with the cleavage all out is the norm.

Nyadaddy Atoti: Not a lot of people are in the make up frenzy gal! Natural is the new trend ! I personally liked her simplistic style that she brought to the table !!! Long fake nails … nah! Source of germs and infections! I loved her nails too! Be yourself .. Don’t be fake ! Period. I am sure Harry fell for the Simplicity 😘

Newton Lumala: So kuna princess look gown and make-up level ya princess. Kindly share photos of the same. Washaway ur mek up and lets see if u got the confidence to stand before royalty and raise a finger on looks.

Gitonga Solomon: It a lesson to instagram ladies like u to teach you to appreciate the natural u. This is a new trend n lesson you being taught incase you are not aware!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 shame on you you misleading people tells you a 6 layer make up is cool???? see your life!

Liza Ndegwa Mbucii: Duchess of Sussex was looking beautiful with no make up just natural.. awesome and simplicity killed it today.. she now has her prince so nothing matters after all.

Nick Will: The beauty of a woman is not made up of “1000+ colours” ,its made up of simplicity.And then who are you to judge her looks and dressing? A duracoat specialist???

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