Citizen TV employees are well aware of the old saying about all work and no play making Jack a dull boy.

Monica Kiragu, news Director at Citizen TV decided to throw a huge party for her birthday. As we know a woman will forever be 21 years old so why not enjoy the moment?

The party was held at Kiza and these guys were popping bottles of Moet left to right and center. The guest list consisted majorly of Citizen TV news anchors and producers. Monica seems to have a good relationship both in and out of work because the guests looked very happy.

TerryAnne Chebet

Terryanne Chebet made it to the party and so did Kirigo Ngarua who were part of the retrenched team when Citizen TV lost a lot of familiar faces on TV. The two clearly did not leave the news director, Monica Kiragu in any bad faith.

Monica seems to have a good relationship with anyone she bumps into from the comment section. Betty Kyallo who has also been trending was in attendance, but then who would turn down free alcohol and music?

One thing you notice from Monica’s social media pages is she spends a lot of time with Terryanne Chebet. The two have kept their bond strong considering that they might be the same age and their children the same age.

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So here are a few pictures from Monica’s lavish ’21st’ birthday party: