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There is nothing as painful as a verbal attack from people you look up to.

Citizen TV’s Mike Njenga narrates how a pastor he used to work for gave him an unfair tongue lashing that he has never forgotten.

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Mike said back when he was broke and was starting out in the brutal job market he used to work for a pastor who held conferences at City Hall.

There were times he even slept at City Hall because he had nowhere to put up.

This is a far cry from the successful media personality that Mike is today. His wedding was attended by the who is who.Mike Njenga 10

Speaking to E Daily, Mike said,

“Some years back, I was working for a certain church. I used to do sound for that particular church; and sometimes would sleep at City Hall on days we held conferences there. I was extremely broke. One Sunday, I went and borrowed open shoes from my cousin. I did not even have money to buy shoe polish. So, I used a sponge soaked in water to wipe dust from the shoes. When we got to church, he called his ministers to a meeting, including myself. He gave us a tongue-lashing, saying we did not dress the part. I remember him saying: ‘Some of you are coming to my pulpit wearing open shoes as if you are at the beach.’ I can tell you…Maze hakuna mwanamme ashawahi nigonga emotions kama huyo. I was not wearing the open shoes because I loved to – but because I did not have money to buy presentable shoes. I had even borrowed money to go to the church and do sound. That pastor really hit me hard, na hapo ndiyo nilianza kuachana na church (and it is at that point that I drifted from the church). That pastor really, really… I cried! I just went somewhere and cried, and cried”

He continued saying that he prayed to God and he experienced a miracle when a woman gave him an envelope with Sh50, 000 out of the blue. He upgraded his wardrobe in readiness for the task of job hunting.

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