Ciru Muriuki

BBC reporter Ciru Muriuki isrecovering well after she went through her 3rd endometriosis surgery on Monday, the first surgery was in 2017.

While still admitted in hospital, Ciru stated that it’s time a cure for endometriosis is found as women are suffering in silence.

Showing off her post surgery scars, she wrote

‘The ugly reality of endometriosis, I have had three surgeries.

The first was in December 2017, the second in October 2018 and the third on Monday.

I always live with chronic pain and am always on painkillers,This is no way to live.’

Ciru further added that more often than not women are ignored when they say they are in pain.

‘A lot of doctors dismiss women’s pain, we are told we are dramatic or that we are exaggerating. We need a cure.’ she wrote.

From Janet Mbugua to Koikai here are celebs battling endometriosis

Ciru is not the only celebrity battling endometriosis, Jahmby Koikai also known as Fahya Mama is outspoken about the disease as she has battled it for more than 15 years.

So bad was it that her lungs would collapse every time she was on her menses.

She went through multiple surgeries in the US.

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