Churchill show has become the second Youtuber in Kenya to get over a million subscribers prompting him to be awarded the ‘Gold Play Button’.

However, Churchill did not receive his Gold Play Button as it had gone missing under unclear circumstances en-route to Kenya.

Speaking about the incident, Churchill exclusively told Mpasho he sadly said,

‘Can you imagine it was stolen and today is my birthday?’ 

Churchill who is famously known as the God-father of comedy in Kenya is celebrating his birthday and the award wouldn’t have come at a better time.

Dorothy Ooko, Head Of Communications & Public Affairs, Sub-Saharan Africa at Google said they have ordered another one.

‘You might wonder why we did not open the box.

As we ordered the button the gold was stolen so we have ordered another button.

When the new one comes, we will use it as another chance to celebrate Churchill.’

YouTube Creator Awards, commonly known as YouTube Play Buttons, are a gift from YouTube that serves to recognize its most popular channels.

These awards are based on a channel’s subscriber count, but are offered at the sole discretion of YouTube.

‘I cant get her pregnant now,’ Cries Churchill comedian MCA Tricky

Each channel is reviewed before an award is issued, to ensure that the channel follows the YouTube community guidelines.

In Kenya Citizen TV is the only other channel that has received the award.

There are four levels of YouTube Play Button:

The Silver Play Button, for channels with 100,000 subscribers.

The Gold Play Button, for channels with 1,000,000 subscribers.

The Diamond Play Button, for channels with 10,000,000 subscribers.

The Ruby Play Button, for channels with 50,000,000 subscribers.

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