Kenya’s Godfather of comedy Churchill played a very central role in the career of stand up comic, Sleepy Davy.

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In a very emotional open letter, Sleepy thanks Churchill and lets his fans know, ametoka mbali, jo!

Here is Sleepy’s letter.

“Many years ago while in high school I watched Churchill Live on our black and white TV huko ushago..after the show i imitated the former president MOI The entire family laughed at my jokes and my mum would always summaries with wewe uko na vituko unasomanga saa ngapi.
My main desire was to one day be on TV and my brother who was already in Nairobi promised to hook me with his friend who had connection at Tahidi High. They connector went mteja as soon as I arrived. My Bro promised to take me to watch you at the carnivore I was excited. We went back home he bought me Chris Rocks CD Kill the messenger I dint understand any joke but I knew deep down this is what I want. I had officially joined him at Luthuli to sell phones. FOR days I requested him to take me to the National Theatre because I couldn’t go by myself for reasons we all know one day he created time because I had insisted for so long and that is where the journey to the birth of Sleepy David took off.

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“i joined Alliwahs Theatrix Arts Ensemble did set books meet new friends we did comedy nights in clubs. finally got an opportunity to join Churchill Show. We meet at your backstage,you asked me so I call you sleepy? Yes. What do you do? I’m a student at KU okay. how are you feeling? I’m nervous. Itakua poa. From that day my life changed, God had planned this for a long time I couldn’t believe it. Like other Comic’s I had found home.

Churchill show became home,still is and forever will be.You gave me an opportunity to explore my crazy thoughts, to make mistakes, to discover perform alongside Africa’s finest like Basket mouth and many more, I hope that one day I will be able to open doors for others like you did to me, to give opportunities to others,to unite the country through laughter and to inspire a generation.This week as we celebrate the patriot Edition I celebrate you as the real Patriot.You are the greatest of our time, Soon I will be able to appreciate you in a big way but for now allow me to say a Big THANK YOU, to you and to all the Kenyans for building me. May the almighty God Bless you all abundantly.”

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