Churchill comedian Zeddy is heavily pregnant and will deliver her bundle of joy before the end of the year. Zeddy, who has been slaying with the baby bump on social media, has been on the low key since she got pregnant.

She posted;

by the way Watu wakioana wanafaa kujipanga watapata Watoto wangapi? Ama Wanaume hustukia tu Macravings kwa nyumba? leta maona yako

In another post, she made fun of her weight gain;

Aki nimenona nikama nimemaliza deni yangu ya China😊 #Wamnonez



She came into the limelight as a comedian in the popular comedy show Churchill show. At one point, Zeddy made a joke that was not appreciated by fans, one that had the show abruptly interrupted due to “unpalatable” content.

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