Gospel artiste Mwana Mtule and Churchill comedian YY have set social media on fire thanks to their latest jam ‘Tung’ang’ane’.

YY is best known for his brand of comedy and he has made us laugh on Churchill show but he has also proven that he is a man of many talents.

The duo has produced a jam that has left many Kenyans hooked thanks to their melodious voices.

Tung’ang’ane is a jam that encourages people to hold on and persevere in life as God is never late and he does not desert his people.

One may wonder why YY and Mwana Mtule did the collabo? Their lives have not been perfect.

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In an interview with Alex Mwakideu, Mwana Mtule said that he once had to turn to crime to survive before God changed him.

‘God is my songwriter, I got saved in 2011 after I was chased away from home.

I have lived with street families. Living idle at home made me start stealing people’s chicken and among other things.

I would steal and eat but God is gracious.’

Mtule added that he pushed on with his journey to Nairobi and he has no regrets so far.

‘In 2013 is when I came to Nairobi on my way here I was arrested.

I stayed in Eldoret juvenille for eight months after I hiked a ride from a lorry ferrying petrol.

I was accused of wanting to siphon fuel. God has been gracious and so far I have 10 songs.’

Check out YY and Mwana Mtule’s new jam below