Churchill Show Live recording at South C MOW Sports Club Grounds has been cancelled.

In a press statement, Laugh Industry’s Ken Waudo said,

“We regrettably wish to inform our loyal fans, supporters and the general public that the Live Recording of Churchill Show South C Edition scheduled for Saturday 14th has been cancelled.

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“This is in line with the government directive about public events in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic as well as consultations with Public Works ministry leadership – venue owners via the office of HE Major General (Retired) Dr. Gordon Kihalangwa at his office.

“We wish to inform our loyal customers who have purchased their tickets that the SOUTH C EDITION will still happen at a later date and your ticket remains valid AS SOON AS CONFIRMATION for the resumption of public events.

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Churchill. photo credit: file

“We would like to take this time to apologize to every one of you who was looking forward to the event as it was never our intention to disappoint all of you. We would like to assure of the continuity of your favourite program on TV every Sunday as scheduled.”

Here is the government directive.

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