Eric Omondi and Churchill

East Africa’s king of comedy Eric Omondi aka the African President is a great example of  grass to grace.

Omondi shared his journey to stardom on Churchill Show’s Sunday episode, leaving many inspired.

The father of one said he started comedy while in class five and was the family’s entertainer.

When he got to University, he decided to take it as a fulltime job but just like many parents, his late mother was not for the idea after having paid a lot of money for his undergraduate course at Daystar University.

Advising parents, he said,

let your kids follow their passion as long as they’ve gone to school.

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Eric Omondi met Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill, the godfather of comedy, who has nurtured many talents at Daystar university, during a career week period.

I was the emcee of the event and you [Churchill] took my number na ukaninyima [you didn’t give me yours] number. ukasema nitakupigia and you did after two years,’ he told the GodfATher of Kenyan comedy.

Being the first comedian to be mentored by Churchill, he asked him to use his real name Eric Omondi and since day one at Churchill Show, he took over the stage.

One of my best shows was the third one after Barack Obama won the US elections in 2008 I made a short clip of him and his family and also mimicking marathoner Jelimo. After 2007 post-election skirmishes, 2008 was a great year that no Kenyan will ever forget.

He said his other best moment was when he brought his grandmother to the show before she passed away.

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Determined to create a name for himself in the industry Omondi always dreamt big.

I WANTED to do stand up comedy like Churchill, do clips like Redukylass and parodies like Kajairo,’ he said.

Eric and Churchill

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