Comedian Njoro who just finished a stint in rehab spoke about his battle with depression and alcohol dependency.

Njoro spoke to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni where he described his career slump and hitting rock bottom.

Asked if Churchill is to blame for his downfall, Njoro said,

“People blame him for nothing. Once you get a platform it is up to you to grow your brand. Depression hailetwi na Churchill, ni wewe, maisha ni yako, the life you lead and decisions you make. In my case taking alcohol. Pesa ziko mingi inje sio pale kwa show.”

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Asked about how comedienne Zeddy found out he was depressed and sinking into alcoholism, Njoro narrated,

“WHat happened ndio zeddy akuje home, we hadn’t talked for one of two years, I did not know people knew about my depression. One of my comedian pals came home and saw the condition I was in and he may have been the one who told them.”


“Before that, I did not think I had an issue i was just dealing with my situation. The comedian saw the confrontation with my brother and my mum when he came home. My mum also called him aside and told him that I had depression.”

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Njoro continued,

“When he left home, I called him and begged him not to tell anyone what he had witnessed. I guess he did not.”

Njoro, however was grateful that Zeddy got to hear about his situation and helped out.

“She did well to come help me because rehab was paid for by Esther Muchemi, her coming home to visit me, helped me alot.”

Njoro is now back on his feet and has a show on TV that airs every Sunday.

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