I am honestly not swayed by any new reports emanating from the churches of the day. I think I have heard it all and seen it all -that however does nothing to numb me to some of the hurt the shepherds of God wrought on the innocent.And none more innocent that children. No matter how jaded I get, my heart still bleeds for the little ones put through some of these abominable acts.

I am talking about an incident where a personality actually used the house of God to fulfill his abominable desires and raped children. The matter was reported to the authorities but as is usually the case with such stories, the damage was done.

The 35-year-old man although that is debatable who teaches Sunday school at P.C.E.A Elburgon was allegedly sodomizing young boys who he taught.

Parents discovered his evil act and wanted to lynch him but were thwarted by police who took the Sunday school teacher to Elburgon Police Station.

This is the monster: