If there are ignorant people in this world, it would have to be Kenyans!! That’s for sure.

But do we stand to be counted among the most ignorant people from other different parts of the world?

Supposedly, the most ignorant places in the world have been named based on a survey of people’s knowledge about their own country.

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The 2016 Index of Ignorance, produced by Ipsos MORI, includes information from 27,250 interviews of people aged 16 to 64 carried out between September and November of last year.

The survey took in populations from 40 countries, with between 500 and 1,000 people surveyed in each.

Participants were asked a number of questions about their society, including their country’s population, healthcare spending, home ownership and the proportion of Muslims living in their country. The findings were then collated to create the index.

Kenyans can be rough.

The economic status of a country seemed to have less bearing on the results than might be expected.

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South Africa was found to be the most ignorant nation in Africa, as USA, the richest country in the world, ranked as one of the most ignorant countries, below many less developed countries.

However, Malaysia, which is not considered fully developed, was in the top 10 least ignorant countries, and India tops the list!!!

See the full list below, from most to least ignorant. Makinika!!

India, China, Taiwan, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, Montenegro,Russia, Serbia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Israel, Denmark, Argentina, France, Vietnam, Peru, Spain, Chile, Hungary, Japan, Belgium, Poland, Colombia, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, South Korea, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

So, Kenya didn’t make it among the world’s top 40 most ignorant countries. Good for us. But I guess nobody cared to take a survey in Kenya!! Ooops!!


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