Diamond Platnumz just signed a female artiste Zuchu under his record label WCB. Before she got introduced to the public, Zuchu says that the singer adviced him on how to deal with men as a female public figure.

She told Bongo5 that;

He already told me even before he signed me. He told me that men are there and they will continue to be there. He said that this is the time to either make or break your life. That you can get someone  who is really scared of your status and would just want to break you.


That i need to be very careful and know that this is my career that will help me in my life. I think he wants me to prosper and not to do things that I may regret.

She continued, “I am not in a relationship.”

Zuchu is the fifth signed artiste under WCB after the exit of Harmonize. She is daughter to legendary Taarab singer Khadija Kopa.

Diamond takes Zuchu on a shopping spree using Tanasha’s car (video)