Vera Sidika
Weeks after allegedly tying the knot former gospel artiste Willy Paul has been caught thirsting over Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika.
Pozze as he is known by his fans was responding  to Vera after she asked her fans if there is something they needed from the store.
Taking to her Instagram she posed,

‘Heading to the grocery store …need anything? 😝

Willy Paul responded by calling her his baby mama.

To which Vera responded,

 ‘Baby Daddy 😝’

The fans were not impressed with Willy Paul thirsting over Vera yet he claimed to be married.

Some also warned him not to dare touch her cookie.

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Below are some of the reactions.

‘@willy.paul.msafi @queenveebosset leta cucumber nyonga fest plz’

@willy.paul.msafi bro iih huwezi @otilebrown alikimbia wewe nanii.

@willy.paul.msafi hahaha owadwa usimkune huyu nakukuona.

@willy.paul.msafi kijana unachoma😂😂.

@queenveebosset walai mnaeza match na pozze.

@willy.paul.msafi bro iyo mali ni safi.

@queenveebosset: chungana na huyu kijana😂😂😂.

Joe Muchiri also responded saying that he only wanted Vera to get him a nice woman

‘Me nataka tu dame mpoa 😅😅’

Vera was quick to respond, questioning Muchiri’s preference.

‘skinny thick, tall short, lightskin darkskin, what’s your preference 😝???’ Vera inquired

To which Joe responded,

‘@queenveebosset I believe in ur taste 😅😅 hii Corona ina ni maliza jowa’

Do you think Willy Paul and Vera would make a good couple if they dated?


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