There’s a new song by upcoming Kenyan music group titled Matako that is causing tremors online.

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The ‘dirty’ song, which was shot in front on a chief’s office in one of the city’s estate has ignited mixed reactions online.

Xtiandela shared the video of the song on Instagram and captioned it:

Kwanza they shot the video kwa ofisi ya Assistant Chief …This one is called Matakooooo🎶🎶 Support Kenyan Music!! #PlayKenyaMusic

The captioned irked award-winning rapper, Khaligraph Jones, who has been at loggerheads with radio presenters, claiming that they don’t play local music and he attacked Xtiandela. He responded saying;

What is this surely? Are you trying to be sarcastic? Substandard music is everywhere even in America and out of all the good songs we have in Kenya, this is the only one you would choose to prove a pointless point? boss with due respect this is totally uncalled for, just play Kenyan.

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Khaligraph went ahead to challenge Xtiandela to stop being sarcastic and help support local content.

Oneni uyu sasa? @xtiandela this is ignorance of The highest order, instead of coming up with ideas of how we can work together, you are now trying to be petty and sarcastic, out of all the great music Kenya has to offer, you choose this to try drive a stupid point home?, gathee chunga sana na tuwache mazoeano, I believe you are a smart guy, give advice on how to become better artists other than Making a fool out of them, #respecttheogs #mrinternational.

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Check out reactions from Kenyans:

nathan.munene @khaligraph_jones… Is there a difference between this and the Miti you sang??… hogwashing climax

joe_joseph these kids are talented. They just need mentoring. And why should someone pick such music and fight his own music. They only pick up the negatives.

nicholas Ata huyu khaligraph hana content. Nimekuja kukupiga stick 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ smh!

mercy_malowa @Xtiandela 😢Am so sad, you simply criticizing you should be mentoring them at least, stop being sarcastic

sir_i_mans Comon guys, b4 we criticise, let’s try for a moment to think why someone in their right senses would settle for these kind of songs, To me, they’re “Lyrically tight” except for the direction they’re taking. Follow these artists Channels and see for yourselves, they actually have good music, something you can relate.To me I think it’s Frustrations, Anxiety mixed with lack of Mentorship and Industry Support. Ask yourselves, as an Industry stakeholder, what can you do to ensure such talents don’t go to waste? To Xtiandela, You can do better bruh, Act right, don’t ridicule but mentor.

itsmwangidaniel This is lame, people play such kind of music from TZ and Naija, but then the moral police don’t see that, when it is a Kenyan artist we all get Morally uptight and Mother Teresa. What is Kwangwaru about? Cut the sarcasm

qaeyllah_maina There are many Kenya songs which make sense not this things don’t even make sense