Chris Kirubi

Business tycoon Chris Kirubi says that having lots of money without God on your side is like being a Christian without faith, it cannot work.

Speaking about his journey in battling with cancer, Chris spoke to Churchill on his TV show.

‘You can have all the doctors. all quality medicines bit if God is not with you it means nothing. I deeply believe in God.’

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Asked on whether he is completely healed of cancer Chris responded,

‘I cannot say I am completely healed until my doctor says so.

But going by the tests they run on me I am doing very well.’

Chris who is the founder of Capital FM had in a past interview revealed how doctors ‘accidentally’ discovered he had cancer.

While home in the leafy suburb, Kirubi started experiencing fever and he called his doctor who came with a pathologist.

“They took my blood and quickly ran checks only to return to tell me that I was very sick and needed to go with them to the hospital.

They rushed me through the Emergency section straight to the High Dependency Ward at Nairobi Hospital.

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Chris Kirubi and Kiprono
Chris Kirubi in a past photo with and Kiprono

I’m told my eyes were yellow and my fever was shooting through the roof. From there it was a series of tests for the next few days as they observed my situation.’


“When they finally finished, they broke the news to me that I had stage two cancer, which was affecting my internal organs including the lungs and kidneys.

They said I needed to fly out of the country urgently for treatment,” the 78-year-old told the Star.

We wish him all the best and hope he makes a full recovery.

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