Kanze Dena is among the most celebrated Swahili anchors in town.

Without a doubt, she keeps many glued to the screen not only for her eloquent spoken Swahili but also her beauty…Her attractive beauty!

It seems like Kanze has fallen in love and is going koo koo for someone. In a recent post, Kanze confirmed that her heart has been stolen by the love of her life.

She expressed her heart out:

“Wajua ukipata dada anatabasamu na anajichekea tu akiwa pekee yake, fahamu fika kuwa amechizishwa! Upo? Kwa hiyo kaka jiulize umemchizisha? Sio tu kwa mapepe yako na mtaji wako. Mapenzi sio maneno kaka braza mapenzi ni vitendo..ndo maana anatabasamu na kucheka pekee yake…

She would then post a photo of her smiling, something that was evident that she is head over heels in love with her man.


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But who might be the man in the picture you ask? Sometime back, our very own Caren Nyota revealed a man Francis Mwangi who was seen with her all over social media. From what social media tell us, the two might be more that just friends.

Here is Kanze Dena and Francis;