Njugush and his wife are expecting a baby soon we are not sure of the gender yet but all we know is that she is heavily pregnant and they are quite excited to have their first baby months after marriage.

A video on his Instagram page went viral of him going to purchase P2s aka morning-after pills from a pharmacist and he was shy asking chini ya maji. Just as he was asking, his wife appeared and asked the pharmacist what Njugush wanted from there.


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The pharmacist laughed and openly told her he is asking for P2s. He was so embarrassed he looked down and she was there laughing hard at him and questioned his new lifestyle.

gai umeanza mchezo mapema kwani ukona ka mgeni?

He jumped right in to defend himself saying it is not his but his brother Kinuthia saying:

Si zangu ni za kinuthia anathukumwa na tumbo

These two are just too cute together as they help each other grow in their line of work. Njugush took a different turn in comedy and he gets better every day. She is still with him in his funny videos despite being heavily pregnant but then again every pregnant woman deserves a good laugh.

Let me not be mean and laugh alone, watch the video below:

Mama wa kavitz hapa amechoma 😕😕😕 hii kitu ni ngumu kubuy bana

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