Chipekezzy seems to be trying to get back to the public eye after he left Churchill Live and his radio career at Kiss FM.

He took to social media and posted a picture of him in a meeting with Radio Maisha’s presenter, Mwende Macharia and said he wants a job there as he hears there is a vacancy.

Other than that he has also been spotted around there a couple of times. Is he on orientation or still bringing some required documents?

Ama ni voice test?

“Mkutano hapa Radio Maisha naskia kuna Kazi mwende macharia ongea na mdosi,” Chipukezzey posted.

Mwende Macharia replied to his caption saying she is yet to talk to her boss but he can be sure there is actually a job for him.

Based on the fact that he has done radio before, he might be joining Mwende and the comic relief guy on her segment.

Mwende shot back with this response:

“chipukeezy wacha niingie hapa kwa mkubwa nikitoka nakwambia sasa hivi … job iko naona hivyo lakini.”

Kumbe kalikuwa kanadanganya? Chipukeezy exposed for lying to Kenyans

The comedian may be trying to salvage himself after he was exposed and embarrassed for telling long tales about a mzungu woman who helped him meet stars in Hollywood. Only for us to find out his whole story was a hoax. Anyway, he met Kevin Hart maybe that’s all that matters. Now he is trying to get back to the public eye and ear, so all the best!