Chipukeezy’s fiancee decided to shut down the internet a few days ago after sharing some photos of her gorgeous mother.

Chipu, who has grown over the years to become a household name, has been dating a lass by the name Vivian for some time now. The two even got engaged in January 2016.

While fans have seen the comedian’s mother as he often posts her photos on social media, not as many people had a clue about how Vivian’s mother looks like, until a few days ago.

Vivian shared her some of her mother’s photos as she wished her a happy birthday on her Instagram page. It’s so hard to imagine that she’s 50 but then, black women don’t crack!

Here are the photos:

18580992_1836962286630710_2377209238071017472_n 18513314_1841521382836135_6675223182007336960_n

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