How Chipukeezy Squandered His Schoolfees For Showbiz

“It may sound strange, but many champions are made champions by setbacks” – Bob Richards

So here you are – a fine ambitious young Kenyan who wants to see life and experience what’s good out there. You’ve just finished high school and you are looking forward to what life has to offer under the sun. At this point, obviously, your parents/guardians want the best for you.

You’ve studied at the top school in your village where everyone wears slippers and shorts except the headteacher who wears trousers and slippers save for Sunday. No embarrassment. the world doesn’t care here.

Your dear kind loving mum makes a sacrifice of a huge amount of her savings and sends you off to the city to study and make your village proud. You quickly get to Nairobi and you are derailed. You squander your money.

Sigh …well the derailment isn’t a bad thing because what derailed you was your passion and your life’s purpose. Only that it’s painful – you didn’t expect it to happen this way. You’ve been rejected. Nowhere to go. Nobody knows your dream …just you and your heart.

This is Chipukeezy’s story. Watch the interview and be inspired…

Chipukeezy did not give up on his dream. He is in his purpose and he is now famous and successful in comedy. The naysayers have turned into followers (and yes, his mum is proud of him too!). You, too, can do it. Find your purpose and follow your passion because when you find your purpose, what you do has more impact. It starts here —->