Huddah Monroe has called out government big wigs for claiming that they are providing employment opportunities for the youth.

Huddah specifically slammed Youth Programs Director in the Office of the President Walter Mong’are famously known as Nyambane, in the most savage of ways.

She has expressed her anger with how Nyambane is running the current office through her Instagstories.

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Huddah Monroe
Wiser with age?

According to Huddah, Nyambane is not delivering for the youth.

“Employing Chipukeezy doesn’t mean you’ve catered for all the youths in Kenya,” Huddah savagely pointed out with the post.

The socialite through Instagram stories revealed that she is shocked with how the youths docket is managed by Nyambane.

“Mr. Nyambane running youth affairs still shocks me. There are so many educated youths to take over that office and work as a team and make Kenya great.”

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