Julie Gichuru
Julie posing

Dancing is a way of having fun and showing that you are happy. Whether it’s Kanungo, Mugithii, twerking, daggering or just swaying your body from side to side (choir dance), it doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying the beat.

Well, celebrated former TV girl, a mother of four and highly respected female public figure Julie Gichuru has shocked many after a video of her showcasing her dance skills surfaced. The sexy mother can dance!

She was at a wedding where she danced to the famous Koffi Olomide’s hit song Selfie. Julie, was dressed in a grey sweater top and a pair of black pants and one could confuse her for a common mwananchi.

She joined the MC of the ceremony in leading those who had attended the wedding in song and dance and alas! she didn’t disappoint.

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Julie Gichuru danced as if she had no bone in her body. Sema kukatika mpaka chini. Watch the video and rate her dance out of 5.

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