Chinese prostitutes

Yesterday, 15 Chinese nationals, among them eight women and four men were arrested at a brothel in South C, Nairobi for allegedly engaging in prostitution.

Chinese prostitutes
Chinese prostitutes

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The 15 are set to be deported but Mafisi Sacco members are not happy. The thirsty men have taken to Twitter to beg the government not to deport them, some confessed their fantasies and others were shocked that there are people who visit such brothels.

Check out the reactions

Rizi: Kwanini hamkunishow kuna brothel ya wachinese South C? I wish I knew

Brianmala1: Na Jeshi yangu ya South C haikuniambia hi story! Selfish niggas.

Danielkimondo: All these time we never knew what the “C” in South C meant…. Thanks to the 15 Chinese nationals; now we know the full name of that mtaa is “South China.

Chinese prostitutes

Jtal_john; Benefits of bilateral relations with china is debt, racism, prostitution n who knows what is coming next south C.

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Aziza_indrah; As the immigration depart deport the 15 Chinese nationals from South C estate, please deport our sisters from Koinange Street to their homes. Koinange Street is not sacred more than South C.

AhmedKosar; So for these South C Chinese it’s all about BAE-lateral relations?

Arteta2giroud; My friend is interested too, when you get the exact place, tag me the answer.

FauzKhalid; Wamegrab hadi Kstreet wakaipeleka South C.

Karey_mwari; I’m not sure what the fuss is about brothels in south C. If you is a resident you can easily point out this places that are not only run by Chinese but other foreigners.

Super Tall: A Chinese brothel would probably not fancy accepting Africans just like some of their casinos/restaurants. Locals probably had no idea what was going on.The Chinese like to segregate

Dan Oduk: Hii Story ya South C haiingii, I mean, Who pays to Smash a Chinese hoe?

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SwichKenya: Gari za South C ni number ngapi, before wadeportiwe wote?

Kennedy Oudah: Wud luv to have a quickie with a Chinese poko😋

Bernard Omondi: Who pays to smash a Chinese? Come on South C

Dan_oduk: Ati Izo Brothel za wachina Pale South C ukienda ka umesota no worries, you smash On Loan, Serikali Italipa.”

‘I paid her sh1,500 for 1hr 30 mins only to find her charging 200 along River Road,’ city man narrates encounter with prostitute

Bravin: So the Chinese are Taking over every businesses in Kenya Including Running Brothels in South C!! No wonder business at Sabina Joy has dropped. Every week it’s the Chinese this, the Chinese that. They are taking everything Courtesy of the Jubilee Government. 🙄🙄

Gorum Mwenje: Can you please share the exact place in South C the Chinese girls were found. Asking for a friend

Ndege Sirkal: Instead of deporting chinese prostitutes selling their bodies in Nairobi’s South C,. the Kenyan govt should introduce VAT Levy on their services. We must think of how to use chinese nationals to pay back hefty Chinese loans…

Ndungata: I’d like to eat one niskie! Lol

Edward Muhoho: What’s wrong with engaging in prostitution?