Chinese man Liu Jiaqi

A video of a Chinese national identified as Liu Jiaqi, insulting Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta has gone viral.

Chinese man Liu Jiaqi, who called Kenyans monkeys

In the video, the Chinese man, who works at Sonlink Limited which sells bikes in Ruiru along the bypass can be heard calling Kenyans monkeys and poor. He threatens to fire his employee who tells him that what he’s saying is extremely wrong.

I don’t care. I don’t belong here and hate here. The country is full of monkeys (Kenyans). They are poor, foolish and black.

The employee is heard arguing a case of unfair treatment by the Chinese man who interrupts him saying it is because he is Kenyan. Liu says

Everyone, every Kenyan is like a monkey. Even Uhuru Kenyatta, all of them.

When asked why he came to Africa specifically Kenya instead of going to countries like USA, he responds

I’m here for money because money is important.

The Chinese man’s remarks have angered Kenyans and want him deported.

Below are reactions from Kenyans

Paresh Vyas: Sad behaviour

Muchi Mwichabe: Deport this idiot

Elo Mapelu: When did it get that bad? Why did we allow it?

C-nyor Dizler: These Chinese people are arrogant and we go back and think of this mistake Kibaki brought in Kenya. It’s high time we chase these small eyesd goons to their dictatorship country.

David Mwamba: This man could have on the flight back to his country

Douglas Stevens: I hope he will be arraigned in court and sentenced! Not deported! Kenyans arrested in China on various offences are sentenced to severe terms even death sentence.

Joewmuchiri: Where can this damn dumb bastard be found & deported back to his useless China country…anyway we have been sold for money 💰 Arghhh

Josephlimoofficial: This is what happens when you vote for idiots!!! Doing business with these bastards and small-eyed faggots was the worst idea ever!!! We deserve better in our own country. Na ndio bado tunaongeza madeni nao!!!!

Houstonmwakio: Wow!!! How cheap we have sold ourselves #smh

Njokibeatrice: And that is how they treat Africans in China.

Liu Jiaqi he has been arrested and is set to be deported.