The arrest of four Chinese nationals at Kilimani – after a video of one of them caning a Kenyan staffer in Nairobi emerged – has calmed Kenyans.

The four men who run Chez Wou Restaurant in the suburb Kileleshwa were arrested for beating Simon Oseko Sairo for coming to work late.

Among them is Mwalimu Kingangi who said such habits should stop as they can ruin a man’s esteem.

He has been racially abused as well.

‘That is killing ‘family’ and the generations to come. The reason why I stopped working with such people was disrespect.

How can you beat someone who has an ID or who is someone’s father? Do you know you can kill someone’s self esteem.

What if it was the Kenyan man who was the one beating the Chinese? IT is dehumanizing.

Adding my boss once told me,

‘Toka hapa jinga, hapa hapana iko mama yako.

I was very hurt when I imagined I had not eaten for many hours. He even told me my brain was full of mucus.

I had walked to Huruma to Mtindwa before going to Industrial area. I told him ‘bro umekuja sana’ and that was the end of it.’

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Maina Kageni who has also been racially abused by a boss in the past said he could not withstand such mistreatment.

‘I can kill someone and that guy was just there lying down waiting to be caned. How can those people do so when they do not even have work permits?’

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