Nigerians are so funny!

From their movies where one is shot repeatedly but instead of dying instantly, he says “You have killed me oohh!”

Then falls in a careful heap on the floor, to actors who taste poisoned food to see if the poison is enough or not.

These people from the West deserve a gold medal.

I swear.

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Nigerians never disappoint! They will use any opportunity to make something great; if you think I’m lying; google some of their latest movies; Ebola, Airforce 1 and even The Last Ship etc.

Nigerians are also never afraid of living according to their traditions (Mwacha mila si mtumwa) and this can be evident from their movies where witchcraft is always their main thing.

Well, news-making round is that an owl is believed to be a witch, allegedly “attended” a crusade which was ongoing at Nkwo Umuiyida Enugu-Ezike in Igbo-Eze LGA Enugu state and started attacking the reverend father who was performing miracles.

But after a powerful prayer session, the the owl allegedly fell on the altar and died instantly.

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Is this real?

Nigerians will kill us abi!

Nigeria is known for such bizarre stories and this is not new. The country is also said to be a home of millions of Christians and the many churches is a clear evidence; e.g The Devil’s Hunter Ministries, Laboratory Church of God, Run for your life etc.

Check out the photos of the man of God holding an owl, believed to be a witch that died after vehement and zealous prayers.