Osofo Maame is in trouble with the Ghanaian church members. She is a wife to a prominent Nigerian pastor who was on a trip, but she needed to let him know she misses him sexually.

Maame took a video of herself in a bath tub pleasing herself and captioning the moment with sweet alluring words.

It’s all yours when you return

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The first video, which was 31-second, showed Maame lying in the bathtub, washing her body, and playing with her private parts. The funny bit about this video was the background noise where we can hear her baby crying. The second video, which was 58-seconds, Maame was completely naked and performing sex acts on herself including licking her chest in front of the camera.

Talk about thirst. Maame then sent the video’s to the wrong group and to make matters worse it was to a church WhatsApp group. According to the church members in Ghana, she exposed all her genitals to the public while her husband was away.

The Pastor was embarrassed by the act when he learned about the teasing video that was accidentally leaked to the whole church including the leaders, kina mum and dad. Maame was more embarrassed by her act, I don’t even know how she pulled through the next service.

Well, the worst part of all this was not even the leaking of the videos but that she wanted to commit suicide just after the whole incident.

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From us, mistakes happen as we are human, but she just needs to pick herself up and move on with life.