Kimani Ichungwa vs Kenyan WOmen

Kenyan women are on the loose. They have just revived their thirst for Kimani Ichungwa. Last year, these women were not shy of thirsting over the law maker and recently they all shifted their attention to IEBC CEO Chiloba aka Chilo Bae.

Ezra Chiloba

But as they say, usidharau nazi maembe/minji minji ni ya msimu. Kenyan women are back to thirsting over the Kikuyu member of parliament.

Kimani Ichungwa

Ichungwa, who was the first member of the 12th Parliament to retain his seat unopposed is driving Kenyan women crazy and according to some, he leaves their pants soaking wet whenever they see him on the screen. He is ever smart! Ichungwa is also one of the best dressed Kenyan politicians.

His hunk looks, charming smile and deep dimples is making women go gaga.

Meet The Handsome Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa Who Is Giving Kenyan Women Sleepless Nights

Hello Kenyan men, here are photos of the politician your wife wants to bed so badly. But do you know that he is married?












Well, here is what Team Mafisilets had to say about Kimani Ichungwa

Kimani Ichungwa

Loise: Please my bae here is the world apart from Chiloba, please ukimuona holla at me! #Kimani Ichungwa.. my all time crush.

Grace: Forget about form tharry four bae a.k.a Chilob,  Kimani Ichungwa is our bae

Shiko: Dear Kimani Ichungwa someone tag him plz,u the reason I would cheat on my bae, yes if its  you I would cheat a thousand times, I love u dearly am drolling for each, am only asking one favour to meet you I have more photos of you more than my bae’s, I would call my relationship done because of you,

Sandra: Hot dude 😍😍😍

Loise: I admire Kimani for he has beauty with brains.

Mercy: This is the real BAE 😘

Shiroh: My all time crush too so cute

Yunis: He is hot Anafaa kuadevertise Nevia lotion for men….my crush.

Becky: Hapo sass👍

Mary: mimi siangalii sura siku hizi ,good heart ,respect is what matters as long as wewe ni msafi.

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Annah: I saw him live… This guy is photogenic ….rusheni mawe nijenge nyumba

Hannah: The dimple makes you go bananas

Liz: Awww this is the guy… Good looks, brilliant and  eloquent

Tesh: I am an independent candidate

Gracia: Anakaa kama anaweza kuwa brand ambassador wa fair and lovely. 😅

Brian: He once came to a place where I work and said hi. He’s a bae. Real definition of hunk