The ‘beehive’ cannot stop the barrage of hate heading Beyonce’s way.

Everyone is talking about her pregnancy and now three other photos of the pregnancy shoot have emerged.

In all three, Beyonce is basically nude with her baby bump being prominently displayed. Hizo picha hata hatuwezi post hapa.

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Here are the funniest comments about the pregnancy shoot.

I appreciate the nude one because it’s a take on Venus de Milo and the one with Blue Ivy because it’s queenly and precious.
But what the hell is with the jorts, the weird green veil, and the flower car? Seriously.

If this were just anybody these pictures would end up on ugly family photos

I am happy for her and all, but no, these are far from stunning… creatively they could’ve thought of another concept, but oh well haha

Those photos are weird & uncomfortable.

Blue looks like “mom don’t make me do some dumb sh*t with you like North and Kim do”
WTF? No. Just b/c you like her doesn’t mean you gotta like everything she does b/c this sh*t is just… sh*t. It looks cheap and tacky. Iconic? Lol.. no

It legit just looks like some trailer trash disposable camera pics. She’s just showing the world she could sh*t in a jar and her followers would eat it up.

Congrats on the twins Bey but…what the heck is up with these weird a*s pictures? So tacky and strange. Guess it is a “to each their own” type of shoot.

That last one… Like what, who came up with these ideas! Why is she on top of a car? Why is the background not covering the whole photo? Why is there a car there in the first place?

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I’m not even pregnant and I want to recreate them detail by sh**ty detail by sticking my gut out. Then show them to everyone I know and post them online to see how many people kiss my a*s and tell me how stunning they are. My guess is nobody would tell me they were nice. At the most they would awkwardly laugh then do that oh you are serious this isn’t a joke face and look at me with sadness. This makes me scared because how many pregnant Bey fans are now going to copy this for their own future maternity shoots? I hope they all do and post them all online for us to see!

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