Captain Kale

Captain Kale is a household name in Kenya, especially to Classic 105 fans.

Songa Kando Wakanai! Meet Classic 105’s New DieHard Supporter, Captain Kale

Based at Lang’ata Barracks, Kale is never afraid of speaking his mind, and he is one of the top callers on MainaAndKingangi’s morning show.

“I love Classic 105 because of the great songs. Maina is a great presenter and Kingangi kills the show. He calls a spade a spade and that’s what I like.”

Captain Kale


Kale is known for his harsh criticism and always calls out women. When asked why he hates women, he says:

“I don’t hate women, I just want marriage to be respected and ladies to treat their husbands as their mothers do to their fathers. Nowadays, most of them smoke and drink more than their fathers. Modern women can barely cook. That’s why marriages are dead. They don’t last for long. And that’s the reason why I keep calling Classic is to try to advise this young generation.”

The valiant captain says he weeps for the current generation and would be happy if people listened to him and stop criticising him for his comments.

“I have lost quite a number of friends. I have been blocked on different social media platforms by my friends who don’t take my criticism positively but I don’t give a damn. Those who stick with me know that I love telling the truth they want to hear. My wife is my strongest supporter and she listens to Classic 105 and knows it’s the truth. She follows what I say and I’m doing this for the rotten society.”

Of late, slay queens have been the talk of the town and he says they are killing the traditional African culture.

“Marriage is not where jokers should be. Slay queens want to take their pettiness to marriage. As a wife, your husband is your second God, your king.”

When asked if he thinks his comments hurt those who tune in to the most-listened-to morning radio show, he said:

“My comments hurt the guilty ones.”

Kale insists the society is not going the right way and needs a saviour, and he claims he is the one.

“My dream is to bring back the society to where it was during the old times.”

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