The last tweet of a University of Nairobi lecturer Hannah Inyama who was arrested after she was found holed up in a house in South B with the decomposing body of her 13-year-old son has emerged.

Hannah is currently in police custody after her son, Emannuel Inyama was found wrapped in a blanket in their house in Nairobi’s South B estate.

The caretaker Stephen Mwangi of Kifaru Front Appartments reported the death of the teenager after he went to Hannah’s house to demand rent arrears.

The caretaker said, “Tulipofungua tukapata mwili wa mtoto kwa sitting room na mama ameketi kwa floor kwa kitchen akisema oh my god. (When the door was opened, we found the decomposing body of the child on the floor in the sitting room and the mother was  sitting on the floor in the kitchen floor chanting, “Oh my God!”

Life and times of UON lecturer Hannah Inyama and son (last photos)


Hannah told police the son fell and died in the house. She said she did not take him to the hospital because she does not believe in hospitals.

The mother told them the boy had fallen and died in her sixth-floor apartment.

“She said she did not take him to hospital because she does not believe in hospitals,” Ndolo said.

When the police were called to South B at the Kifaru Front Apartments, they found Hannah in the house saying, her son will resurrect.

A neighbour identified as Selline said Hannah has been inviting people from her church to the house.

“We normally heard people singing and praising God from our window. But we did not know what was happening,” she said.

According to police, Hannah still maintains that the boy was not dead but under demonic attack.

Hannah Inyama
Hannah Inyama

Her research interests are in neonatal and obstetric emergencies, adult intensive care and resuscitation. She is in the final stages of her research that started in 2013.

Anyhow, a watchman manning the Kifaru Apartments had a different tale to tell.

“I know both the woman and her son, they have lived here for more than five years but lived a reserved life,” said the guard.

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The guard, however, said the lecturer had rent arrears, that is why she failed to open the door when the caretaker came calling for rent.

“The woman had a problem in paying the two-bed-room house rent, it goes for Sh40,000 per month,” he said.


It now turns out her financial issues may have been her biggest source of stress. Check out her last tweet 7 days before her son’d death.

Hannah Inyama

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