Luhya chicken got swagg

A chicken theft convict has pleaded for forgiveness. Caroline Murugi on Thursday said she did not steal her neighbour’s chicken, saying the bird followed her.

Murugi admitted she was found in possession of the carcass a chicken belonging to Mercy Gakii at Ndubai in Embu North sub-county on Monday.  The chicken was worth Sh700.

She said she should not be blamed “since the chicken went to her homestead on its own”.

Embu senior resident magistrate Tony Kwambai fined her Sh2,500 and sent her to jail for two months.

The prosecution said the complainant met the accused carrying a bag. On enquiry, the accused said the bag contained clothes.

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On arrival to her homestead, the complainant found that one of her chicken was missing and went to Murugi’s place to ask whether she took it.

Murugi went inside the house and brought out the carcass and gave it to Gakii, who reported the matter to the assistant chief.

Murugi was arrested and charged.

In mitigation, the convict said she had children who depended on her.