Jacquey Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda is a household name in Kenya.

The mother of one is among the few celebrities, who’ve managed to land deals with top brands thanks to her clean image.


Wilbroda. photo credit: Instagram/nyaminde

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Wilbroda, whose life mantra is ‘always eat it with a big spoon and never settle for average’, recently talked about her acting career in an interview with local blogger Isaya Evans. When asked how she made it to the celebrated local programme Papa Shirandula, she said:

“Someone brought me the script and asked to go through the character Wilbroda. I WEnt trough it and I  was like ‘haiya, that’s my grandma because the Wilbroda character depicts her character’,” she said.

The multitalented actress-cum-radio presenter started acting 15 years ago and she attributes her success to SAFE Ghetto and she says her highest point in acting industry was:

“Being part of SAFE Ghetto a non-governmental theatre organization. We would go around in the slums and sensitize people on HIV/Aids and that’s what got me Wilbroda and where I am now.”


Wilbroda, who is a great example of hard work pays, advises upcoming actors to love the job and be patient.

“You got to have a passion for this industry. MONEY TAKES TIMe before it comes through but it eventually does. Also, invest early,” she said.

Just like any other person, Wilbroda has a best friend, who happens to be her fellow actress on Papa Shirandula, Awinja.

“Before shooting, I gossip a lot with Awinja. She’s my darling. She’s not just a colleague, she’s more than that,” she explained.

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Wilbroda, who was also part of Traveling theatre reminisces the good old days and she says:

“We faced a lot of challenges during early stages of acting. We used to sleep at a lodging and pay sh150 per night then we would sleep the seven of us in a room. We didn’t have money. Those were fun moments.  I look at them now and wouldn’t exchange them for anything,” she narrated.

The veteran actress says nothing comes on a silver platter and advises the youth to toil hard so as to eat just like the Bible says in Genesis 3:17.


‘It’s is not easy being anywhere.You got to put in some effort and have passion. It’s the only way to success. “



Wilbroda, who hosts the Radio Citizen morning show alongside Inspekta Mwala and Francis Luchivia, is looking forward to venturing into food industry business and she wants to be a restaurateur in the next five years.

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