How do you feel when that man you like invites you out for a date?

I’m sure most women get excited, it’s like Jesus has come down. But how do you carry yourselves while on the date?

Are you the type that talks too much, chewing gum like a goat or the calm and collected type?

Well, here are the five most common mistakes women make on their first date…

  1. Dress Code

Dear women, always ensure you are smart. When he invites you for a drink, dress nicely, iron that dress that shows off your well-endowed curve even if you have nothing to show and step out. He will be happy. Do not dress like a tomboy or a horse keeper in knee-length boots with faded jeans and a leather jacket!

‘I’m done dating jokers,’ Nyasuguta screams

2. Greeting Friends

He has invited you out so that the two of you can have a great time and learn more about each other. He needs your time so please give him full attention. Even if you see your pals please don’t go around saying hi to everyone. He will get bored. Salamu wachia Radio Jambo!


3. Stick to your normal drink

Dear women, if you are used to Kingfisher, Konyagi, or muratina stick to that, no one will raise an eyebrow. Stop asking for drinks you cannot even pronounce and end up messing up with yourself. Vomiting everywhere including on his clothes as if you have ingested snails. Cheza chini mami!


4. Wearing wrong shoes

You are not going for a competition but rather a date. Put on shoes you are comfortable in; flats for that matter. Do not try out heels on your first date just to impress him. For example, if he invites you to Ronalo and he doesn’t have a car yet you stay in Kayole, will you gully creep all the way to catch a matatu? No one wants to walk with a lady who is walking like a day old calf, utawachwa mataani ushangae!

Hii kufanana sio ya kawaida! Meet the Ngina Kenyatta’s look-a-like

Heels crazy

5. Demanding a lot

“Buy my pals drinks, give the DJ 500/- he is my friend, tip the waiter I know her…” My dear friend, don’t dare! Utawachwa mataani.

6. Smoking shisha

It’s not the right time to show him how powerful you can puff and pass. Women who smoke are a turn off to men.

Never smoke shisha or cigarettes on a first date. He will leave you even if he had plans of marrying you.

Wait for that day you going out with your girls so that you can compete with them and rate who emitted the most smoke during the “shisha gang” moment of fame.

shisha 3

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