Carolyn Chero Oywa alias Chero is the bubbly ball of energy that keeps you glued on your TV screens every Saturday morning.

She is the talented beauty that hosts Straight Up which airs on KTN.

Although she is a public figure, little is known about her. Here are a few things you did not know about Chero.


She is from Bomet

The black beauty hails from Bomet county, although she lived most of her teenage life back in the USA.

Bomet is a land blessed with large tea plantations, dairy farming and large maize farms.

Photos of KTN’s Chero whose flashy fashion taste was financed by singer Rawbeena

She is married

The sexy host who hails from the land of Bomet is married to David Oywa.

The husband is a designer who owns Positive Spaces Designs Service which mainly deals with interior designs.


She studied Medicine

What many don’t know is that Chero studied medicine at Montgomery College in Maryland, USA. She only changed professions and joined the media industry after relocating back to Kenya.

She is a TV Host

She is a TV host with the local station KTN. Chero hosts Straight Up which is an entertainment show famous among the young people.

Before then she was a host for a local program called E-Curve which she hosted with Mike Makori.

Battle of the tomboys between singer Rawbeena and Makena – Photos

She worships at Mavuno Church

Yes, you heard that right, the multi-talented presenter is a strict church goer and zealously attends Mavuno Church every Sunday. She is a serious member who even participates in the spoken word during the service.

She is a mother

The beautiful presenter is a dotting mother to a handsome baby boy, whom she is not afraid to show off.


She is a workout fanatic

Chero has a body to die for, what most people do not know is that she has worked hard to have and maintain that banging bod.

She is a workout fanatic who loves jogging and goes from the gym from time to time. She has created a hashtag that updates her fans about her fitness journey dubbed #FitLifeWithChero.

Looking at her photos one would understand why she works so hard in the gym.

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