Nigeria’s homosexual Bobrisky born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju is a perfect example of fake it till you make it.


The self-proclaimed richest gay and baddest b*tch in Nigeria is always thriving on controversy and recently she claimed ‘she’ was a top class prostitute.

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‘I’m A Top Class Prostitute,’ Confesses Popular Rich Gay Socialite

 Bobrisky, who has almost half a million followers on social media more than some of the Kenyan celebrities, has revealed that his boyfriend’s sperms are ‘doing wonders in his life’

“Chai my BAE is enjoying seeing as I fine finish. My BAE sperm has been doing wonders in my life.incase u have issues with my “CAPTIONS “deal with your ancestors,” he posted accompanied by this photo.

The Nigerian male barbie dates financially stable men and has no time for broke ones.


Bobrisky is never shy about admitting he bleached and recently he shared before and after skin lightening photo thanking God for the gift of life and true friends.

“Every day I acknowledge and appreciate that True friends come from God.

No one really needs to be reminded that bad friends in life are usually troublesome. The difference between friends and enemies sometimes gets blurred when companions who were once your friends turn into adversaries, and when they turn out to be bad they can be worse than open enemies because they know your secrets and can turn on you at anytime. Bad friends should always be kept at a distance because they will often betray you without any apparent motive. This means it is critically important to confide only in your true friends and identify your bad friends in time to avoid them and the troubles they can bring into your life. In short, it’s best to get rid of your bad friends as quickly as possible,” he wrote.

Kweli pesa ni sabuni!


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